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Niloo Souri (she/her)

Pilates Instructor

Niloo comes with an extensive background of 8 years of work as a physiotherapist in her country (Iran).

Having a master’s degree in physiotherapy and certifications in advanced manual therapy and personal training (from Iran), she is already in the registration process with CAPR to obtain eligibility to practice as a PT in Canada. 


Since the registration process is pretty lengthy, Niloo opted for STOTT Pilates to fulfill her passion for helping people improving their pains and optimizing their movement. 


She believes that the STOTT method has amazing therapeutic impacts both mentally and physically for people who commit themselves to its principles and repertoire. 


When not working (she is a recovering workaholic ;)), Niloo enjoys exploring trekking routes (currently in the process of discovering the ones around Vancouver), mountaineering, dancing, and painting watercolor. 


Niloo’s motto is: ” one step at a time, and you’ll see yourself on the summit! “ 

Niloo is available for group sessions and privates Mondays at TMCo.

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