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Open Level

This session is approachable, open, and tailored to who shows up. The beauty of an Open Session is that anyone can join. It is a great option for beginners, or for those already familiar with Pilates who want to focus on their fundamentals. 

Group Session Policies

In the event that you are the only person signed up for a scheduled group session: your class will not be cancelled; instead, your instructor will take you through a 40 minute one-on-one session.

Listed class duration includes time to clean and reset equipment. Your instructor may finish instructing at the 50min mark for a 55min class, to leave the last 5 min for clean-up. This is to help avoid congestion at our entrance when back to back classes are full. It will also help us ensure that we are staying on top of our cleaning protocols.

Group session online bookings close 2 hours before class start time. Anyone wanting to drop-in to a class within its 2 hour window, must call or email the studio to register. Online booking is closed from 10:45 pm-6:00 am.

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