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I would recommend [Trainor Movement Co.] to anyone wanting to take classes from a very knowledgeable instructor. As a senior I really enjoyed the teaching methods.

What a beautiful new Stott Pilates studio in East Van. Have taken group classes and private classes from the owner, Kat and she very in-tune with what I needed to work on and her classes are awesome. I love coming to a studio that is so inclusive no matter your body type, race, gender, etc. very warm and welcoming studio. And love the art on the wall. I would highly recommend everyone go and check it out if you want instructors who know what they are doing.

Wow, the new Pilates studio is so beautiful, has a great atmosphere and is such an inclusive and welcoming space! Kat is amazing! I highly recommend checking this studio out if you want to feel relaxed, comfortable and welcomed while also receiving individualized matter your body type or fitness level!

Kat is a wonderful instructor, space is clean and equipment is excellent. Highly recommend!

Jody E.

Dali T.

Louise L.

Andrea W.

I am always a bit intimidated to try new classes. The owner Kat was so warm and friendly. I really appreciated the intro class. I felt so comfortable going into the first class, it is a beautiful space and the workout is energizing. Great addition to Union Street!

Came to this studio as my first foray into the world of Pilates. Kat is a phenomenal instructor. Her knowledge of the body and physiology are exemplary. Many times I have been uncomfortable (as I am about as flexible as Steel beams)but never have I felt unsafe on the machine. I have been going to Trainor Movement since shortly after its inception and I am a huge fan. All the machines are brand new, it’s a very relaxing and positive space. I really enjoy all the paintings opposite the reformers (Pilates machines by Stott, which allegedly is the top of the line), they are abstract and great to focus on while working/ stretching my muscles. (CONT.)

(CONT.) Playing hockey and being a runner, my stride and power have significantly improved since beginning my Pilates practice. It’s different than many types of exercise but it has the best aspects of mindfulness, stretching and strength training. The term synergy gets thrown around a lot in business, but it is truly apt in describing the benefits gained from Pilates multifaceted benefits; which together, truly are greater than the sum of its parts.

OMG, I still feel like a fabulous noodle [the next] morning. I haven't felt this flexible in I don't know how long! I am committed to doing the exercises every day to see what results I get. Again, thank-you for a great session!

Marina G.

Nicholas K.

Nicholas K.

Wendy M.

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