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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise modality that combines precise body movements, breath control, and mental focus. It is low impact movement with focus on strengthening and stabilizing core, improving posture, and mobility.  The beauty of Pilates is that it’s very versatile and can be modified for any body or ability. It can be varied or modified to suit anyone’s needs, from training professional athletes to post-rehabilitation.

Pilates works with whole-body integration to teach you to manage forces and prevent injury. It has a global movement perspective unlike anything else. This neuromuscular training coined "Contrology" by Joseph Pilates will amplify your mind-body connection. 

Reasons to do Pilates:

  • Build overall strength and mobility

  • Challenge coordination 

  • Ease anxiety 

  • Feel good

  • Connect better to your own body

  • Understand your anatomy and how the neuromuscular system works

  • Reach daily exercise and movement goals

  • Post-rehabilitate injury

  • Close your rings!

  • Help reduce chronic pain

  • Aid in healing

  • Postural assistance

  • Training for athletics

  • Strengthen, mobilize, and protect joints

  • For fun!

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