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Challenge your body: Advanced Level Pilates Workouts

A comprehensive workout

Advanced Pilates exercises are designed to be part of a comprehensive workout that includes various exercises at different levels, creating a balanced and dynamic routine. Before incorporating advanced work, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of beginner and intermediate exercises.

As you progress from novice to intermediate levels under the guidance of the instructors at Trainor Movement Co., you will become acquainted with modifications, ensuring rhythmic and controlled movements. The advanced variations build upon your existing knowledge, adding depth to your practice.

Progression through practice

Under your teacher’s direction, you’ll progress from basic exercises to more intricate, integrated movements. Your exercise goals are tailored to you, starting with mastering mat or reformer exercises in the early stages. Patience is essential as you work on control.

Some advanced exercises and equipment may be unfamiliar, so it’s crucial to discover what feels best for your body while aiming for mastery. While many Pilates exercises are suitable for all levels, trying advanced exercises is safest with trained supervision.

The focus remains on connecting with your body, prioritizing control, and exploring ways to enhance your Pilates practice.

“Mastering efficient muscle
connection consistently
ensures lasting results.”

The journey

Once you’ve established the foundational principles, you can progress in your Pilates practice. Explore enhanced movement complexity with the instructors at Trainor Movement Co., starting with simple movements and gradually incorporating multiple planes of motion. This approach not only builds physical strength but also improves coordination and movement efficiency.

Advanced Pilates exercises thrive in the context of diverse movements at various levels, delivering a well-rounded, dynamic workout experience.

The Stability Chair challenge

The Stability Chair, an updated version of Joe Pilates’ original ‘Wunda Chair,’ provides a unique challenge for those looking to enhance their Pilates practice.

The compact design of this apparatus, with its spring-loaded split pedal mechanism, allows for diverse exercises that target specific muscle groups yet promoting overall body harmony, increased core strength, balance, and stability.

The STOTT Pilates-certified team at Trainor Movement Co. excel in coaching Stability Chair workouts, offering benefits beyond the abdominals, leading to a comprehensive transformation. The chair’s adaptable resistance caters to all fitness levels, promoting improved flexibility and joint health.

The growth

If you want to step up your Pilates game with advanced exercises, check out the Special Group Class Passes or the Membership plan and explore more opportunities to polish your practice.

The Advanced Sampler: Progression

Three of our favourites for advanced clients:


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