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Level up: Intermediate Pilates

Control is at the core

The most efficient approach to building stamina involves working muscles simultaneously while continuously switching movements. Pilates, designed to engage the deepest muscles in the body, aims to develop a robust core without the discomfort often associated with conventional exercises. At its core, the Pilates method emphasizes stretching and strengthening the body in harmony with balance and alignment.

Consistency is the key

Intermediate Pilates Quote
Intermediate Pilates Quote

The frequency of Pilates practice depends on fitness goals, physical condition, and schedule. Beginners should start with one or two classes per week and gradually increase as they become familiar with the exercises. Intermediate clients may choose to increase both frequency and exercise complexity.

Level up

For the intermediate practitioner, the experience becomes more dynamic and challenging, serving as a crucial stage for skill development. This progression introduces advanced exercises that build upon the foundational techniques learned in beginner Pilates. The higher intensity fosters deeper engagement, pushing boundaries, and enhancing overall fitness.

One key focus of intermediate Pilates is the refined form. Having established a strong foundation in the beginner level, you’ll continue to hone your technique, ensuring precision and efficiency in your movements. The emphasis on refined form contributes not only

to the effectiveness of each exercise but also to the prevention of injuries.

As you advance through intermediate Pilates, you’ll notice an enhancement in core strength, a crucial element in achieving stability and control. The incorporation of balance challenges further intensifies the workout, promoting improved coordination.

This level of Pilates introduces an element of flow, complexity, and choreography to your exercise sessions. This transition allows for a more seamless integration of movements and the exploration of different ranges of motion, movement directions, or planes of movement.

“The higher intensity fosters
deeper engagement, pushing boundaries,
and enhancing overall fitness.”

Level up but listen to your body

As practitioners advance to intermediate or advanced levels, Pilates can be practiced up to five times a week. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of your body, avoiding overtraining that may lead to muscle soreness and fatigue.

Regular communication with instructors at Trainor Movement Co. is emphasized, allowing practitioners to express any fatigue, weakness, or sensitivity in specific areas. Modifications are always accommodated, ensuring a tailored and supportive Pilates experience that aligns with individual needs and progress.

The Intermediate Sampler: Next level

Three of our favourites for intermediate clients:


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