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Building a Strong Community

The Power of a Support Team.

Connections through exercise

Joe Pilates placed a strong emphasis on unity and holistic well-being, shaping his wellness methodology to benefit the entire person instead of focusing on isolated aspects. Within his broader philosophy of promoting overall health through his method, the practice fosters a spirit of community and shared wellness goals.

two men exercising on the reformers using merrithew branded cardio trampolines cardio tramp
Cardio Reformer Pilates

Trainor Movement Co. is dedicated to making its offerings accessible to every body, prioritizing the universal desire for a positive and invigorating experience. The classes aren't just about getting fit—they're all about making you feel awesome and energized!

Instructors, teachers, and mentors at the studio are committed to focusing on each unique individual, recognizing and celebrating the diverse range of participants who come together to reap the positive benefits of their classes. This inclusive approach ensures that we cater to the well-being of all, fostering a welcoming environment for everyone to embark on their fitness journey.

The studio's strength lies in the collective efforts of its dedicated teachers and support team, who contribute to creating a strong sense of community. Beyond the exercise method itself, Trainor Movement Co. is defined by its inviting, supportive and inclusive atmosphere, where individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels can feel comfortable and motivated.

3 people performing the tree exercise on the short box reformer intermediate level in a small group class setting
Pilates Reformer Group Class

Bring Your Friends: Building a Strong Community

Accountability is a crucial component of success and we recognize the power of a support team, which includes you, your friends, and our community. Achieving goals becomes more attainable when clients have someone to hold them accountable, much like the teamwork seen in sports or the encouragement found in activities like cycling with a friend. Together, we foster a collaborative environment that promotes not only individual success but also shared accomplishments within our community.


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