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Pilates Take Home Exercises: Posture

Try these exercises once daily to improve posture:

Lot's of postural complaints come from forward heads and rounded shoulders. These are some simple exercises you can do at home to move your shoulders back and give your neck a break.

  1. Mid-Back Exercise: Standing back against a wall - heels, ribcage, and elbows (bent at 90 degrees and in line with shoulders) touching wall. Lift the back of the hand towards the wall as far as you can without popping ribs off. Slide elbows and hands up and down the wall to feel connection into mid-back muscles.

  2. Roll Down: Standing back against a wall - heels and ribcage touching wall. Articulate through your spine to roll yourself down into a forward fold. Roll back up maintaining control through abs. Mobility through spine and hamstrings, control through ankles, balance, and abs. (Start with heels 4 inches away from wall and work towards starting connected! See if you can roll down without letting pelvis disconnect from wall.)

  3. Standing Exercise Single Leg: Start seated with one leg bent ankle over knee. Press into glutes to come up to standing on one leg. Control to sit back down. Arms in front for balance, and a lean of the torso is okay for assistance.

  4. Standing Exercise Two Legs: Start seated with two feet flat on the floor. Press into glutes to come up to standing. Keep big toes planted on floor. Do not lean forward! Imagine sliding back up a wall behind you. Watch that toes don't lift off the floor. Sit back down without leaning torso forward in space.

  5. Pec Opening: Find a corner of a wall to roll out pec so that head can pass the wall in front to give you space to roll with pressure. Place a ball under collar bone between sternum and shoulder.

Take these 5 exercises home, try them out, and let us know how it felt. If you need some words of encouragement, or extra support we are here to help. Book a private session with one of our expert instructors, so we can go into much more detail on these exercises!


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