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Happy Hips and How to Maintain Them

The hip joint is a complicated place. It needs a fair balance of strength and mobility to stay healthy and happy. Majority of people feel that their hips cause them pain due to tightness. Focusing on active movements that simultaneously elongate tight muscles while strengthening weaker ones will help prevent injury.

Tight adductors can easily contribute to lower back pain. Your hip adductor muscles play a big role in knee and pelvic alignment. If your adductors are tight they could pull your pelvis into an anterior tilt. This would create what is called excessive lumbar lordosis, or an arched lower back. An increase in extension at your lower back can cause pain due to stress on tissues and joints.

Things commonly seen with an anteriorly tilted pelvis and tight hip adductors are:

  • medial rotation at the femur

  • tight lumbar extensors

  • weak abdominals

  • weak hamstrings

  • tight hip flexors

So, how do you solve this? Lengthen your adductors, strengthen your hamstrings, and optimize core stability. Below you'll find some resources to help you with those movements!

Try out these exercises at home and let us know what you think!

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